It's Spring!

Time for a new health drive...

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Spring is the perfect time to get healthy! With the indulgences of Easter behind you and the weather improving, it’s easier to find the motivation for a health drive.

Goal: Weight Management?

If weight-loss is your goal then Patrick Holford recommends the Low GL Diet – the best way to lose weight and keep it off – the Rolls Royce of diets.

Don’t be lured by diets that claim amazing weight-loss in a couple of weeks. It’s important to understand how to lose weight healthily and for the long-term.

The measure of a good diet that’s actually burning fat, is not what happens when you starve yourself during the first week and run out of glycogen. Instead it’s a regular week-by-week loss of around 1-2 lb. Over 12 weeks, the average weight-loss could be around 13lb 7oz. This pattern of weight loss indicates fat-burning – and where there’s fat-burning there’s long term, maintained weight-loss. This can be achieved, without any suffering on the Low GL Diet.

The good news is that there is assistance to help you balance blood sugar and reduce hunger, what ever diet you decide to do. Patrick Holford formulated four supplements to specifically support you in your weight-loss goals and to make that process easier.

Why take Carboslow Powder?

  • This powder fills you up so you don’t feel hungry
  • It’s such an easy support for your diet and cost effective too
  • Best taken just before a meal with plenty of water, helping you to eat less
  • Glucomannan is a super soluble fibre from the Japanese Konjac Root – so totally natural!
  • It also has European Food Safety Authority approval for effectiveness for weight-loss

Why take Get Up & Go with Carboslow?

  • Gives you peace of mind if you are on a weight-loss programme and unsure if you are getting enough vitamins and minerals – Contains over 20 nutrients: vitamins, minerals, essential fats, protein & fibre
  • Contains Carboslow (glucomannan), a super soluble fibre to make you feel full
  • Only 4GL! Ideal for The Low GL Diet and Hybrid/5 Day Diet
  • Suitable for breakfast or as a snack mid afternoon

Why take Cinnachrome?

  • To balance your blood sugar
  • To reduce sugar cravings
  • To maintain good energy levels

Why take GL Support?

  • Contains a potent level of the mineral Chromium – 2250mcg. Chromium contributes to normal nutrient metabolism and to the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels
  • Works in synergy with Garcinia Cambogia which is a natural source of HCA. HCA may contribute to weight management
  • Also Carnitine, an amino acid, which helps to burn fat and turn it into ketones

Goal: Improve overall health?

If your goal is to improve your overall health then the Essentials range offers the perfect daily solution.

  • Patrick Holford’s bestselling Multivitamin & Mineral – Optimum Nutrition Formula
  • Extra Vitamin C Formulation including essential immune boosting nutrients

Goal: Reduce inflammation?

Spring is allergy season, so we’ve included Patrick Holfords, Allex in this offer to help manage your immune response naturally. And if you’re suffering from joint pain take a look at Patrick Holford’s special formula Glucosamine with Theracurmin.

What Next?

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