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Festive Digestive!

Keep your digestive system happy, detox your drink and boost your immune system!


festive digestive


  1. Optimum Nutrition Pack - daily strip of every nutrient
    Patrick Holford
    Optimum Nutrition Pack -...
  2. Chill Food® 60 Capsules - sleep support
    Patrick Holford
    Chill Food® 60 Capsules...
  3.  Awake® Food 60 Capsules - stay alert
    Patrick Holford
    Awake® Food 60...
  4. CarboSlow® Powder 200g - super soluble fibre
    Patrick Holford
    CarboSlow® Powder 200g...
  5. Cinnachrome®  60 Capsules - glucose control
    Patrick Holford
    Cinnachrome® 60...

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"These products have transformed my life"

"I lost 5 stone on the GL diet."

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