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Why do some people get really sick, even die from flu, while others don’t? Colds and flu, including COVID-19, are viral diseases that a healthy immune system should be able to fight off with natural immunity. But what is a healthy immune system and how can you promote your own immune power with diet and nutrients?


  • How viruses work and where are their weaknesses.
  • Why animals that make vitamin C rarely succumb to flu or colds.
  • The truth about vitamin C and how to use it when you’re infected.
  • How black elderberry blocks viral replication.
  • Why vitamin D levels crash in winter to make us more susceptible.
  • Other critical immune support nutrients from selenium to zinc.
  • How intravenous vitamin C saves lives in those with respiratory distress.

You’ll also learn how to restore and maintain a healthy immune system when not infected, complete with recipes for foods and drinks, and what to eat, drink and supplement when you are under attack to shorten duration and severity of colds and flu.

Also available as Kindle E-Book from Amazon.

What the Experts Say:

“Don’t read this book if you want someone else to think for you. Do read this book if you want to think for yourself. If you were in any doubt about media propaganda or bias, this book arms you with the facts to make the choice for yourself and your family. The information in this book is just what we ALL need right now. Patrick shows us the overwhelming truth about what these simple, inexpensive but nonetheless essential nutrients can do for supporting our immunity. But it’s not just about a single vitamin. You’ll learn it’s about a team of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants & plant extracts with which we have evolved to provide synergistic immune support and to combat viral infections. What a difference they make!”

Antony Haynes, Nutritional Therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner/teacher/author. 

“Flu Fighters is a very good book and I recommend it. Patrick Holford has a naturally engaging way of writing. More importantly, he consistently puts forward research-based details to back up everything he says. If you want to know what you, and your body, and your supplements, and your diet can all do to fight flu, this is the book for you.” 

Andrew Saul PhD, Editor, Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (OMNS)

“This book should be in the hands of every ICU team fighting COVID-19 and other infections. Informative, well-written, and research-backed, it shows you how to take charge of your own immunity in the midst of this deadly world-wide pandemic.”

Dr Hyla Cass MD, author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant health

“This expert deep dive into the inner workings of vitamin C explains why claims it is a natural defender against viruses such as COVID-19 make perfect sense. They have been long dismissed as quackery. Time for ill-informed sceptics to line up for humble pie. Listening out for sound of trucks piled with vitamin C to start trundling to hospitals around the country.”

Jerome Burne, award-winning medical journalist

Patrick’s great strength has always been an ability to inspire and make complicated information accessible. This book is a timely synthesis of research informed food and supplementation strategies for prevention and restoration to empower your immunity.”

Heather Rosa, Dean of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition and Nutritional Therapist

“It is rare for a book to be turned round as quickly as Patrick has achieved. Flu Fighters is packed full of such significant information to enable as many people as possible to benefit from the wealth of detailed knowledge he has at his fingertips. It is to be hoped that those in positions of power and influence, will put aside any preconceived prejudices; give this book the attention it deserves; and join him in taking forward the fight for a healthier future.”  

Dr Rona Tutt OBE, Chair of the Food for the Brain Foundation

“Flu fighters provides unequivocal arguments that we can have control over how our immune system responds and Patrick Holford shares compelling evidence that vitamin C can save lives. This is a must read book for anyone who wants to protect themselves from viruses and also contains important guidelines on what to do should you succumb to sickness. The clear evidence that is discussed should be at the forefront of how the healthcare system responds to the current pandemic.”

Emma Jamieson, Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

“Flu Fighters dispels the ominous darkness of pandemics like COVID-19 with radiant hope bursting with easy to follow recommendations supported by extensive credible research. This book is a treasure that gives the reader an edge in staying optimal during challenging times.”

Doris Loh, vitamin C and biochemistry research scientist

“This is one of the most sensible, comprehensive and helpful guides to immune-boosting supplements I’ve read.  Based on his years of practice with multiple clients, and his knowledge of biological science, Patrick Holford tells us what works and why. He shows us the biochemistry of how specific vitamins boost immunity, citing peer reviewed studies where they exist.  This book can empower you to take charge of your health, build resilience, and successfully use natural substances not only to keep you healthy, but even to help treat acute illness.”

Sally Kempton, meditation teacher and author

“Our need to stay healthy has become more vital than ever in the face of the worldwide pandemic. This informative book reveals how to keep our immune systems strong enough to fight viruses, by harnessing the power of vitamin C and other nutrient rich supplements and foods.”

Frances Ive, health writer




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