The Dynamic Duo

One of the most limiting concepts in the human sciences is the idea that the mind and body are separate. The supplements in our Mind range have been formulated to support your mind, with Connect and Brain Food providing particular support for healthy brain and cognitive function.

The Dynamic Duo for Brain Support

  • Brain Food is a unique blend of B vitamins, phospholipids and other key nutrients that contribute to the healthy functioning of the brain. Take with Essential Omegas for maximum effectiveness.
  • Essential Omegas provide important daily fatty acids for the mind and body. Take with Brain Food for maximum effectiveness.

Support for the Methylation Process

  • Connect is a unique formulation that combines Vitamins B6, B12 and methylfolate to support the methylation process and contribute to normal homocysteine metabolism.

To find out more about nutrition for the mind, take a look at books Optimum Nutrition for the Mind, the Homocysteine Solution and The Alzheimer’s Prevention Plan.

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