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Good nutrition helps protect you. It is a vital part of good health, along with exercise and sleep. But with today’s busy and stressful lifestyles it’s not always easy to be in optimum health. Thankfully, in the area of nutrition, there is now support.

Patrick Holford Supplements.

All Patrick Holford supplements have been formulated by Patrick Holford - a pioneer and leading figure in nutrition since 1984 (see below).


The story of the Patrick Holford supplements started in South Africa in the 1990s. Patrick Holford was approached by a South African pioneer, Maria Ascenscao, who wanted him to design a range of supplements. Because he understood how nutrients worked together, he was able to create formulas that would make the building blocks of everything needed to help people get back to and maintain health.

In 2002Patrick Holford supplements were launched in the UK. There wasn’t anything like them- just RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance or as Patrick would say‘Ridiculous Dietary Arbritraries’) based multi-vitamins. Patrick pushed for the industry standard for supplements to be based on optimum nutrient levels, his own supplements being the flag bearer.


At the core of the ranges is the hugely popular multi-vitamin, Optimum Nutrition Formula, part of the Essentials range. This set of supplements were designed to support the best possible general health and wellbeing, ideally taken on an ongoing basis.

Drawing on his vast knowledge and experience, Patrick formulated the other ranges (Mind, Metabolism, Body, Female) to help those who need extra support in an area of their health and wellbeing, for example mind health or digestive issues. Most of the supplements in these ranges were developed to be taken alongside the Essentials, until the extra support is no longer needed. Most contain at least three powerful nutrients which Patrick has identified as being more effective when working together in synergy.


The supplement market has grown exponentially in the past two decades with an extensive amount of choice, but Patrick’s formulations have remained consistent to their original values, fulfilling Patrick’s main tenet of optimum nutrition – without compromise. All are made in the UK in an ISO Class 8 Cleanroom and conform to the highest industry standards. Only the best ingredients are sourced, and most are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Patrick Holford supplements are under licence to UK based HOLFORDirect where an experienced and committed team oversee the brand and can provide you with fast delivery of both supplements and all the nutrition books authored by Patrick. You can order online, call or email customerservice@holfordirect.com. HOLFORDirect also supply to local health stores in the UK and Ireland as well as direct to practitioners under the Practitioner Scheme.

When Patrick comes across a great health product such as Double Strength Theracurmin, Drop of Life olive oil or Cherry Active, he lets us know. We do our best to make it available to our customers through the HOLFORDirect website.


Working closely with the team, Patrick brings his decades of nutrition knowledge to the formulations of new products. 2018 saw the launch of a super strength new vitamin C powder- ImmuneC High Strength - and 2019 brought a range of new products to support the ground-breaking Hybrid Diet and now The 5-Day Diet. Patrick also recently released the book Flu Fighters about building immunity with a focus on Vitamin C and Covid-19. 

About Patrick Holford


At the start of his career Patrick opened a health shop and clinic in High Wycombe where he developed a method for treating people with nutritional therapy. This was a truly pioneering and ground-breaking approach at that time. In 1982 he took the knowledge gained from his clinical practice and considered that maybe sub-optimum nutrition was the cause of diabetes, heart disease, even cancer. This was before anyone had heard of omega-3, antioxidants, zinc, chromium, magnesium, homocysteine or the ideas that nutrition affects the brain, or could possibly prevent diseases such as cancer. All these, and other ideas such as milk as promoter of breast and prostate cancer growth, were considered outrageous.

He started in the field of psychology and then became a student of two of the leading pioneers in nutrition medicine and psychiatry – the late Dr Carl Pfeiffer and Dr Abram Hoffer. In 1984 he founded the Institute for Optimum Nutrition (ION) to train a new profession – the first generation of nutritional therapists and to define what it means to be optimally nourished. His mentor, twice Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling, was patron.


In 1998 Patrick left ION to focus on writing down what he’d learnt and his first book, the Optimum Nutrition Bible, was published, selling over 2 million copies and catalysing a global revolution. He’s now written over 36 books. He has attracted many supporters throughout his career for example Professor David Smith, University of Oxford: ‘Patrick Holford is a superb communicator and teacher and his writings and teachings are soundly based on the scientific and medical literature and is very much at the forefront of nutritional medicine’.

Never afraid to stick his head above the parapet, he also championed nutritional medicine and fought the tide of legislation that big pharma (pharmaceutical industry) used to stop natural medicine becoming the new paradigm. An explanation of some of the debates during the noughties, can be found in his report Holford Myths. He often appears in the media as a spokesperson.

He has helped numerous people throughout the world with their health issues, through his books and teachings. Just a few of these can be found under Case Studies. One of his current focusses is on helping people with mental health issues and in 2007 he founded the Food for the Brain Foundation.


He is passionate about good food and healthy eating and for a long time has been a proponent of the Low-GL Diet (GL means Glycaemic Load), which is a unit of measurement that tells you exactly what a food will do to your blood sugar. Often ahead of the curve, he has been vocally ‘anti-free sugar’ for years and has helped to raise awareness of its dangers. He has written a range of cookery books full of tasty, nutrient-rich, sugar-free recipes.

In 2019 he launched the Hybrid Diet followed in 2020 by The 5-Day Diet. Based on the latest cutting-edge science, this new diet has been developed not just for weight loss or management but for improved health. It combines his excellent Low-GL Diet with a ‘High Fat’ ketogenic diet which switches on a cellular clean up, repairing the energy factories in cells. Kieran Clarke, Professor of Physiological Biochemistry, University of Oxford, has said of the diet:“The concept of combining the low GL and ketogenic diets is the best of both worlds. It's well-researched and clearly written – taught me a thing or two. Understanding how the body is changed by food encourages people to take responsibility for their own health - the NHS should be delighted.”


Now in his 60s, Patrick is no longer a practicing nutritionist, but aims to help people transform their lives and feel energised and vibrant, through his health retreats in the Welsh Mountains. He teaches simple exercises to balance the mind; explains how to cook healthily with low-GL recipes and how to reconnect with the self; and offers his knowledge and experience on individual health issues.

He also speaks nationwide and internationally. A gifted speaker, he has become an all-round ambassador for natural health and wellbeing, making the science of nutrition accessible to everyone.