The Hybrid Diet

Patrick Holford & Jerome Burne

The Hybrid Diet

The Hybrid Diet is a radically different, practical and doable way to achieve a healthy weight.
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The Hybrid Diet
The Hybrid Diet mimics the body’s evolutionary design. We are ‘hybrid’ and can run on glucose from carbs and ketones from our body fat. Alternating between the two is the hottest health secret – because something magical happens when we switch between a ‘slow’ carb and a high fat diet: it sets up a healthy cycle of new cell growth and repair, and body fat is burnt more efficiently. This book gives you the why, when and how. The two most effective ways to lose weight are either a high fat ‘ketogenic’ diet (think Atkins) or a ‘slow’ carb ‘low GL’ diet, but, according to Holford and Burne, ‘Switching between the two has even more health advantages. The hybrid way of eating provides the advantages of fasting without going hungry and reduces risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and cognitive decline, as well as slowing the ageing process.’