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The 5 Day Diet Programme (with FREE Book)

The 5 Day Diet Programme (with FREE Book)

£185.05 | Members save 20% Become a member of the Holford Health Club and save 20% on Patrick Holford supplements today!

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£185.05 | Members save 20% Become a member of the Holford Health Club and save 20% on Patrick Holford supplements today!

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Save 10% off RRP including book (£221.59) plus FREE book (worth £9.99), when purchased as this Programme – daily meal plans, recipes, shopping list and exercises, plus all the supplements so you can get started immediately!

Carboslow® Powder

Glucomannan from the root vegetable Konjac. A super-soluble fibre which fills the stomach to give a feeling of fullness. Ideal for any weight-loss programme.

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A pure form of C8 oil to make ketones and the most effective MCT oil as it makes ketones faster than any other oil. Used in Patrick's Hybrid Latte to help trigger ketosis and to reduce feelings of hunger.

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Get Up & Go with Carboslow

A nutritious breakfast shake powder. Contains over 20 nutrients: vitamins, minerals, essential fats, protein & fibre. Only 4GL - ideal for weight-loss.

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GL Support

Supports weight management. Contains Garcinia Cambogia, a natural source of HCA, combined with chromium for the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels and carnitine which turns fat into ketones

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Hybrid Pack

Contains the 3 pillars of everyday health. Plus Age Antioxidant. Provides specific nutrients to help your body turn food into energy.

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The 5-Day Diet

The book covers not just the science, but specific foods and nutrients which are all built into the Diet to trigger autophagy.

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ImmuneC® High Strength Powder

This potent sugar-free, PH balanced Vitamin C powder supports the immune system and is ideal for taking on first signs of a virus. The powder can be diluted in water which gives flexibility on amount.

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The diet has been devised to help you improve your health, gain energy and transform your life in just 5 days – by kickstarting and maintaining ketosis (using ketones for energy rather than glucose). Recent cutting-edge research has established that being in ketosis switches on ‘autophagy’ – a cellular clean up – which is the hottest new health development. The diet also supports healthy weight-loss.

The Programme

One way to get into ketosis is by fasting. The trouble is – only the brave are willing to do it!

A more comfortable alternative is the 5 Day Diet which has been carefully designed by pioneer nutritionist Patrick Holford and consists of five consecutive days of recipes providing fewer calories, with not too much protein or carb – supported by the supplements in this combo – all specifically designed to trigger autophagy, and give you the benefit of fasting without the hunger. The keto phase of the diet is followed by the Low GL maintenance diet with a recommendation to do the 5 day keto diet once a month or once a quarter depending on health status.

It is a strict diet of around 800 calories per day over five days to switch on an maintain ‘autophagy’.

The diet is recommended to be done every month if you have health issues or every quarter if you are in good health.

The Combo is value for money as it will last for six cycles. How long it will last depends on how often you do the diet. For example:

  • If you were to do the diet monthly for six months, the supplements would last for six months.
  • If you were to do the diet once a quarter the supplements would last for a year and a half.
  • Each 5 Day Diet session would cost approximately £24 – £36 depending on the price/discount available
  • However, you may prefer to continue with the supplements on the Low GL part of the diet and order more for your next 5 Day Diet ketogenic session.
  • You can ‘top up’ supplements that run low individually (see individual products on this website).
  • Some specialist food is needed for the diet. To provide variety there are new recipes for each day, but it is possible to limit the amount of ingredients required by doubling up/repeating recipes.

This programme contains a FREE 5 Day Diet book (RRP £10.99) and all the supplements needed to get started with the diet. The 5 Day Diet book – gives you daily meal plans, recipes containing ingredients to help trigger ketosis and exercises.

The Five Day Diet Book

Hybrid Pack x 1

Ketofast x 1

GL Support x 1

Get Up & Go x 1

Carboslow Powder x 1

ImmuneC High Strength Powder x 1

It is a strict, ketogenic, detox diet followed by a Low GL diet.

To help you understand better if this could be a diet for you, view Go Hybrid on the Patrick Holford website. You can also order The 5 Day Diet and/or The Hybrid Diet books separate to the supplement programme.

Please see individual products for product allergens, usage and cautions.

The diet is suitable for most people, but if you have any concerns, you may wish to consult your doctor or primary healthcare provider before embarking on it. You may prefer to build it into a wider programme under the supervision of your nutritionist.

it is fine for people with type-2 diabetes who are either drug-free or who control their diabetes with metformin alone, but not for those people who need medical supervision and dosage adjustment of other drugs that they are taking – the danger being blood sugar dips.

It may not be suitable for anyone significantly underweight, where losing a few extra pounds would be a concern. For those who don’t need to lose weight, you might lose 2-3kg (4 – 7lb), mainly from belly fat. This diet is designed to preserve lean body mass, if followed together with the exercises outlined in the book.

If you suffer from a specific disease, check with your doctor as to whether there would be any contraindications with the medication you’re on.

If you experience any adverse symptoms check the Troubleshooting section in the book or if in doubt speak to your doctor or primary healthcare provider.

5 Day Diet Success Stories

Click here to read and listen to recent diet success stories


“I feel great, less stressed and able to handle everything”.
Kirsty D

I lost over 11lbs in a week. I can see my ankles again and my rings can swivel on my finger. But also I found myself with better energy and levels of happiness – bouncing about more!
Joanne M

I found the diet easy. I liked it. I didn’t feel hungry. It’s a pretty straightforward diet to do. I could easily have stayed on it for longer. It did give me more energy and I lost weight…more weight in 7 days than I did on a 21 day programme at a renowned London clinic.
Charles E

“I am loving the meals. Please do this monthly. It’s so easy and the recipes are yummy. Thank you.”
Moyra B

“ I am feeling good, love that coffee in the morning. I haven’t had any cravings – sugar or alcohol. So that is great…Food is yummy…Loving the soups”.
Cheryl H

“What’s great about the 5 day diet, is not only the weight loss and how great you feel both during and after the five days, but it’s really easy to repeat every month or two if you have more weight to lose.”
Lynne K

“I lost 6lb and I’ve maintained the loss after. I’ve also noticed a real differenence in my energy levels. I’ve been up really early and get up with my regime of HITT exercises.”
Caroline M

"My 5 Day Diet supports both cellular health and weight-loss. This combo gives you the Programme to follow with daily diet plan and recipes, plus all the supplements you will need."

Patrick Holford

"My 5 Day Diet supports both cellular health and weight-loss. This combo gives you the Programme to follow with daily diet plan and recipes, plus all the supplements you will need."

Patrick Holford