The HOLFORDirect Practitioner Account

Account benefits

A HOLFORDirect Practitioner account gives you:

  • full 100% Health Club privileges (access to all newsletters and reports, free use of 100% Health programme, ability to join Patrick’s private Facebook group)
  • discounts for yourself - you can order products for yourself with up to 30% discount.
  • discounts for your clients - you can create orders for your clients (they only have to complete their first order in either way and are then permanently linked to you.)

How it works

  • Login on either site ( or if you login on click on ’shop’ and you’ll be logged in on
  • Select the products you want to order.
  • Once you do this you’ll arrive back on your Dashboard, but with a template for filling in your client’s name, email, any message you want to give them, and also your own email. 

Alternatively, give your client your DISCOUNT CODE shown in the email subject title. It’s also on your Dashboard page when you log in and click on ‘My Client Recommendations’. They will need to enter this on the last PAYMENT PAGE by clicking on the button (bottom of page) that says APPLY DISCOUNT. As long as they register, e.g. fill in their details, they’ll only have to do this once to be linked to you, such that they get their 10% discount and you get your commission.

 That’s it. 

How to apply

If you are a practitioner and would like to either stock any of Patrick Holford’s products, or refer your clients to buy them, please email us ( with as much information as possible. Use the form below as a guide (copy and paste into your email). We will respond to you within two working days giving you full details of how the scheme works and the benefits you will receive.

Your Full Name:

Name of practice (if appropriate):

Address of practice:

How long in practice:

Primary discipline:

Details of your qualifications:



Website (if appropriate):


Phone number:

Have you attended any of Patrick Holford's workshops [for example the Total Health Transformation (formerly Good Medicine); Optimum Nutrition for the Mind; Integral Medicine] ?:

Are you a 100% Health Club member?:

Which products you are interested in?:

Any other message or questions you may have:

Now send to customerservice@holfordirect.comor feel free to call 0370 3341575 to speak to one of the team.