Member’s discounts

100% Health Club Members get the following discounts on eligible products. These include all supplements, all Patrick Holford authored books.

Above £30 – 20% discount

Above £100 – 22.5% discount

Above £250 – 25% discount

Above £500 – 30% discount

All foods are still classed within ‘volume discounts’ and still count towards your total order value, but the discount level is HALF that for supplements eg:

Above £30 – 10% discount

Above £100 – 11.25% discount

Above £250 – 12.5% discount

Above £500 – 15% discount

All other products, including books not authored by Patrick Holford, tests, skin products and other products are sold at fixed discounts. These are most usually between 15% and 20%. You will see the discounted price on the specific product page. These don't count to towards the ‘volume’ discounts.

So, for example, if you ordered Yorktest’s FoodScan as a member and a 100% Health Pack (eg RRP £61.49) the FoodScan is excluded from your volume discount. So, the 100% Health Pack would be discounted by 20% (£49.40), and you would get free delivery. If, however, you also ordered £40 worth of food items, that would take your order of ‘eligible products’ over £100. Thus, you would achieve a 22.5% discount on the 100% Health Pack and a 11.25% discount on the food items.

Please note these discounts are on the full product price (which includes VAT). On your receipt, however, we have to specify the VAT element of your order. Unless you are VAT registered you can ignore this.