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Are you unsure how to be a healthy vegan?

Almost every survey on vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians show reduced risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease, and the health statistics skew in the right direction including the key one – living longer.

There are risks, especially in more extreme vegan diets, and in those who know little about nutrition. The greatest risk is lack of vitamin B12, D, zinc and Omega-3s.

Patrick Holford has formulated Essentials4vegans – a combination of the four nutrients that are hardest to get on a vegan diet – vitamin B12, vitamin D, omega-3 DHA and the phospholipid choline. Taking two vegecaps a day provides these four nutrients in optimal amounts: Vitamin B12 10µg, Vitamin D3, derived from lichen, 1000iu (25µg), Omega-3 DHA 250mg, Choline 200mg. Taken together with the Optimum Nutrition Formula – a multivitamin and mineral – comprehensively covers all nutrients required for optimal health, supported by a wholefood diet.

Vegans can also be supported by the other supplements in the Patrick Holford ranges and can be found under the Vegan category. All are registered by the Vegan Society with the exception of Essential Omegas.

We hope you find here what you need to be a happy healthy vegan!