Memory Focus!

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It is important to look after your brain at any age, but particularly as you get to middle age and beyond. Your brain is made of neurons (brain cells) which send and receive electrical signals and glial cells which support neurons. You have in the region of 80 billion of each in your brain. They need fuel (either glucose or ketones),antioxidants to clean up their ‘oxidant’ exhaust fumes, and a healthy intelligent lipid membrane which is made of essential omega-3 fats binding to phospholipids (mainly choline) – the binding of which is done by methylation which is dependent on B vitamins.

Formulated by expert nutritionist Patrick Holford, these supplements in the Mind Range will support your brain health.

Connect is specifically for those with a high homocysteine level, who need support with the methylation process, and combines B vitamins, methylfolate and zinc.

Brain Food is packed full of B vitamins and is for anyone who wants support for healthy brain function at any age, but ideal as you reach age 50+. Combine with Essential Omegas for maximum effectiveness.

Essential Omegas contains ‘brain fats’ –  EPA, DHA, DPA and Borage Oil (providing GLA). Combine with Brain Food for maximum effectiveness.

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