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In 2002 Patrick Holford supplements were launched in the UK. Suitable for men and women, the ranges – Essentials, Metabolism, Mind and Body – are intended to make finding the right supplement simple, along with clear supplement names to help you easily match to your needs. Patrick has taken care of blending the nutrients, so you don’t have to – most contain at least three powerful nutrients which he has identified as being more effective when working together in synergy.

The aim of the Patrick Holford Essentials range is to provide you with the best possible nutritional support for your health. You can read more here about How to Feel Great, Not Just Alright.

At the core of the ranges is the hugely popular multi-vitamin, Optimum Nutrition Formula, part of the Essentials range. When it was launched there wasn’t anything like it – just RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance or as Patrick would say‘Ridiculous Dietary Arbritraries’) based multi-vitamins. Patrick pushed for the industry standard for supplements to be based on optimum nutrient levels, his own supplements being the flag bearer.

The Essentials range was designed to support the best possible general health and wellbeing, ideally taken on an ongoing basis. All packs provide Patrick’s three pillars of everyday health – an optimum multivitamin and mineral, extra vitamin C, and essential fats – recommended twice daily – so in blister strips for you to take on the go.

Drawing on his vast knowledge, Patrick formulated the other ranges (Mind, Metabolism and Body) for those looking for natural support in an area of their health and wellbeing, for example mind health or digestive issues. Most of the supplements in these ranges were developed to be taken alongside the three pillars of everyday health, until the extra support is no longer needed.

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