Burn Fat Fast Programme Support Combo

Patrick Holford

Burn Fat Fast Programme Support Combo

The Burn Fat Fast Programme Support Combo includes• A FREE copy of Burn Fat Fast book (worth £7.99) , • 1 x Carboslow Powder • 1 x GL Support • 2 x Get Up and Go.
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Burn Fat Fast Programme Support Combo

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Patrick Holford’s Burn Fat Fast Programme combines an alternate -day low-GL diet and a fat burning exercise workout by Kate Staples to help you lose fat fast, without going hungry or compromising your health.

The programme incorporates the following principles in an easy-to-follow strategy:

  • A Low GL Diet • Three alternate ‘fast’ days on lower GL/calories
  • 3-5 grams of Glucomannan fibre (Carboslow) before each meal • Supplemental HCA (can be in the form of Garcina Cambogia Fruit), chromium and 5-HTP (GL Support)
  • Supplemental high potency multivitamin, extra Vitamin C (Get Up and Go) and Essential Fats
  • Alternating resistance and endurance exercises

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The Burn Fat Fast Programme Support Combo includes:

  • 1 x Carboslow Powder (appx. 1 month’s supply). Carboslow contains the natural ingredient Glucomannan (derived from Konjac Root) that has been shown to help with weight management. It fills the stomach to give a feeling of satiety. It also helps cleanse the digestive system, encourages the removal of cholesterol and helps maintain a healthy blood sugar. More information 
  • 1 x GL Support (appx 1 month’s supply). GL Support is the perfect supplement when following a low-GL diet and exercise plan as it combines three supporting nutrients – Chromium which maintains normal blood glucose leves; Garcinia Cambogia Fruit which may contribute to weight management and help reduce the sense of appetite, 5-HTP which is effective in helping to improve mood and create the ‘feel good factor’. More information 
  • 2 x Get Up and Go (appx 20 day’s supply but not required on every day of the programme) A delicious breakfast shake combining vitamins, minerals, essential fats, protein and fibre. Contains nutrients such as B vitamins, Biotin, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. Also contains chromium which contributes to normal blood glucose levels. Blend with half a pint of milk, a handful of berries or half a banana. Provides appx 8GLs per adult shake. More information

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*Free Burn Fat Fast book subject to availability. While stocks last.

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