Awakening Shakti

Sally Kempton

Awakening Shakti

With a wealth of meditations, visualizations, mantras, teachings, and beautifully told stories told by expert meditation teacher Sally Kempton, Awakening Shakti provides a practical guide for activating the currents of the divine feminine in every aspect
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Awakening Shakti

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How do you live a life of spiritual awakening as well as outer abundance, inner freedom as well as deep intimacy? How do you serve the world selfessly, yet passionately celebrate your life? The sages of Tantra have known for centuries that when you follow the path of Shakti—the sacred feminine principle personified by the goddesses of yoga— these gifts can manifest spontaneously. Yet most of us, women as well as men, have yet to experience the full potential of our inner feminine energies. When you know these powers for what they are, they heighten your capacity to open spiritually, love more deeply and fearlessly, create with greater mastery, and move through the world with skill and delight.

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